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               Coventry Colonics

                                 Call Katherine Hilton-Hayes on 07773764128

I have always had an interest in helping people and this was one of the main reasons why I went into dentistry (I was a dental nurse in my previous career) and then later into beauty, training over 14 years ago.

Having become a beauty therapist, I discovered that I really enjoyed doing body treatments, alternative therapies which are hands on and helping people to relax and deal with their ailments. I now perform a wide range of Aesthetic and Holistic treatments which include Micro-needling (dermal rollers) Microdermabrasion, Thai, Swedish and Hot Stone massage, Reflexology and others.

Personally, after training and learning about nutrition and the bowel I have lost a stone and am a lot healthier with so much more energy.

606 Allesley Old rd

Allesley Park




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